Teeth Extractions Studio City

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Sometimes tooth extraction, the removal of a tooth – is the best solution for patient care. A severely damaged tooth may be removed to preserve the integrity of other teeth or prevent gum disease.

Teeth Extractions Studio City

After removing a tooth, the tooth can be replaced through the use of a denture, bridge, or dental implant. Teeth extractions often require immediate action, to avoid the spread of an infection or other serious oral health issues.

Sometimes requiring stitches, an extraction is a last resort, but can be most beneficial to patients with underlying dental health conditions. Use of an implant to replace a missing tooth is a long lasting and natural looking solution that will have you smiling again soon.

At Studio City Dental Arts we’ll be sure to make any necessary extraction itself as pain free as possible, and assist with rapid healing. Then, we’ll offer you a range of choices to replace the missing tooth and create the best dental plan for your extraction situation.