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ere at Studio City Dental Arts, we’re well skilled in root canal therapy, a process that is employed when the nerve of a tooth is injured, whether due to infection or decay.

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To save the tooth, a root canal removes the pulp, nerves, bacteria, and decay inside an injured tooth, and then replaces this matter with dental materials. Our dental team believes that having a root canal is the best choice to save a tooth which otherwise would require removal.

Benefits of Root Canals
  • Provides Relief for Tooth Pain
  • Helps Reestablish Integrity of Teeth Structure
  • Helps to Prevent Potential Future Infections

Root Canals Studio City

Extracting a tooth is more invasive and costly than root canal treatment – and root canals usually last a life time. How can you tell if you need root canal therapy?

If you’re experiencing sensitivity to hot or cold, a gum abscess, severe tooth pain, swelling or tenderness around a tooth, consult us today. Our experienced dental team will clean out the decayed or injured area of the tooth, and fill and seal the tooth’s inside cavity.

A filling will top the tooth opening, and a crown is then placed over the tooth to protect it from breakage.

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